6 years—and a trip through a green cemetery.

Hi HOTties. In my infinite laziness, this year’s anniversary post was a live Facebook feed of Cael and my visit through the Steelmantown Cemetery. For those of you who haven’t read some of my previous posts, this is a “green” cemetery—no embalming, no caskets, everything(people included) is 100% biodegradable. All plots are still hand-dug by … Continue reading 6 years—and a trip through a green cemetery.

On Being Ghosted–by a Ghost

Jamey sucks as a ghost. Maybe it's just that I suck as a widow. Perhaps it's a combo of both; perchance it's nether. Regardless of the reasoning(s), I have yet to be significantly "visited' by my deceased husband. He has yet to pull any meaningful "Love Boat" guest appearances in my dreams. I don't eye-spy … Continue reading On Being Ghosted–by a Ghost

Last Half-day of Normal

Easter Party at Caeley’s preschool, March 19th 2008. This was two days before Jamey’s first brain surgery. He’d been diagnosed with an Anaplastic Astrocytoma just 5 days prior. They let him come hone for a week after his diagnosis to spend some time with us all. March 14th, 2008 was a Friday. I can’t recall … Continue reading Last Half-day of Normal

In Honor of World Cancer Day

Hi HOTties. Hope you’re all healthy and hanging in there. There’s an end in sight to all of this insanity. I think. Or at least I hope. So..brain tumors are weird. They’re technically the end result of odd, mutant cells that start doing what they want instead of what they should do—just like all cancer … Continue reading In Honor of World Cancer Day

And to all a good night!

Merry Christmas and assorted greetings of the season, HOTties! I don’t think there are many among us who aren’t feeling a sense of loss this holiday season. Some of you may be feeling that magnified loss more than others. For some of you, life will get back to “normal”(ish) some time soon; hope glides on … Continue reading And to all a good night!