About Us

                  Jamey: Hung up his boots for good on April 19, 2015


Social worker Tracy’s(far right)working on her best reflection skills. Nurse extraordinaire Mary Ann’s examining the patient with a clinical eye.


At his time of his passing, Jamey was a 47 year old occasionally normal human being, husband to Kim, father to Caeley and former full-time soccer fiend.

Jamey was diagnosed with an Anaplastic Astrocytoma III(brain tumor) on March 14, 2008.

Over the years, he’d been through the following(deep inhale…..)

  1. 3 awake brain surgeries(ok, technically craniotomies),
  2.  A chemotherapy called Temodar ,
  3. Radiation
  4. Gamma-Knife Surgery
  5. Antibiotic-resistant meningitis which caused hydrocephalus and a 3 month hospital stay with complete immobility
  6. Some other type of radiation I don’t think he ever should’ve had,
  7. An angiogenesis inhibitor called Avastin,
  8. An experimental drug as part of a clinical trial and
  9. He also took a Tylenol on November 2, 2012.

For the first four years of his treatment, he was able to not only function, but excel at life.

He worked full-time, played soccer religiously, worked out regularly(to stay in shape for soccer), was an awesome, loving and devoted father and husband. He loved spending time at home fixing up our 150+ year old farmhouse.

He was always challenging himself to learn something new. In February, 2012, all of this began to change.

His cognitive ability declined greatly as did his memory. His personality also vastly changed.

The man who was often referred to as “Superman” had finally begun to show signs of the years of damage done to his body and brain.

Superman’s back up in the clouds watching out for us all.

Kim: not 47 year old occasionally normal human being and frequent inhaler of air.

Kim is also the main author of this here blog.

Once an aspiring writer, her hopes at a illustrious literary career were thankfully dashed when an insightful therapist once mentioned to her “Maybe you’ve never written anything because you’re just really lazy.”

Add to that the suggestion of one of the only writing professors to ever offer her a tangelo:

“Write what you know”, sprinkle in a tragic story of a dying husband and father and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a blog. She gets to be lazy. She writes what she knows. And she shares with you all what life it’s like to wave the longest goodbye to a loved one.

Oh, she’s also an adjunct psychology professor at a few local colleges, earned her black belt in goju ryu karate at Tiger Kang Karate  two months and a day after Jamey passed away and likes to dig in her backyard for buried treasure.

Caeley: The kid.

She’s the main photographer of this blog. She is way more scawesome than Kim and Jamey. She is a black belt in karate at Tiger Kang Karate.


That is one reason she is scawesomer than Kim and Jamey. She plays soccer like her dad, except she is scawesomer. SHE HATES JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!

She does not like sushi, and it does not matter that she has never tried it before because she knows she will not like it.


She does NOT like ginger tea unlike some people included in this blog.

She likes chocolate.

A lot.

Like a lot a lot.

She hates when dogs have nightmares and make innocent noises because she feels bad for them.

She likes to sleep in hospital beds because they can adjust, so that makes them scawesome, like her.



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