…..and the winner is….????

Tug is showing his Rhody Pride! Disclaimer—I have Covid. I warn you not for fear you will catch it through your phone or laptop—moreso because this will likely not be one of my better(or coherent) posts…I’m also aware I did not post about Jamey’s 7th anniversary yet on 04/19/22. I will. Soon… Well, leave it … Continue reading …..and the winner is….????

6 years—and a trip through a green cemetery.

Hi HOTties. In my infinite laziness, this year’s anniversary post was a live Facebook feed of Cael and my visit through the Steelmantown Cemetery. For those of you who haven’t read some of my previous posts, this is a “green” cemetery—no embalming, no caskets, everything(people included) is 100% biodegradable. All plots are still hand-dug by … Continue reading 6 years—and a trip through a green cemetery.

On Being Ghosted–by a Ghost

Jamey sucks as a ghost. Maybe it's just that I suck as a widow. Perhaps it's a combo of both; perchance it's nether. Regardless of the reasoning(s), I have yet to be significantly "visited' by my deceased husband. He has yet to pull any meaningful "Love Boat" guest appearances in my dreams. I don't eye-spy … Continue reading On Being Ghosted–by a Ghost

Last Half-day of Normal

Easter Party at Caeley’s preschool, March 19th 2008. This was two days before Jamey’s first brain surgery. He’d been diagnosed with an Anaplastic Astrocytoma just 5 days prior. They let him come hone for a week after his diagnosis to spend some time with us all. March 14th, 2008 was a Friday. I can’t recall … Continue reading Last Half-day of Normal

In Honor of World Cancer Day

Hi HOTties. Hope you’re all healthy and hanging in there. There’s an end in sight to all of this insanity. I think. Or at least I hope. So..brain tumors are weird. They’re technically the end result of odd, mutant cells that start doing what they want instead of what they should do—just like all cancer … Continue reading In Honor of World Cancer Day