Happy 2019, HOTties!

Behold! A cupcake made by my fellow classmate in my new education adventure. It was made for Robbie and my engagement. Oh! Did I forget to mention I was back in school? Or that we'd gotten engaged?...,well, read on. So, 2018 was a big year for us. To name a few things that occurred: In … Continue reading Happy 2019, HOTties!

Former Hospice Rejects Part II

“Some people believe space is the final frontier(....pause to see if any students get the Star Trek reference). Others believe our greatest unearthed worldly wonders lie within the depths of our oceans. I'm going to suggest that we need not shoot a probe into space nor plumb the deepest seas to marvel at our greatest … Continue reading Former Hospice Rejects Part II

Former Hospice Rejects(Part 1)

That was the original name of Headed Into Overtime. I called it that because, well, we'd been initially "rejected" for hospice services. Jamey simply wasn't dying well enough. Mind you, he'd received a referral from his oncologist stating that she'd found him "hospice appropriate"(for a detailed look at what is necessary to be accepted into … Continue reading Former Hospice Rejects(Part 1)

A Sort of Homecoming

I have four clocks on the mantelpiece above my fireplace. One tells the actual time. One is set for 5:10-ish AM, the time Caeley was born. One is set for 3 pm, the time of Jamey and my wedding. And the last? The last was a clock that had previously been used to tell time. … Continue reading A Sort of Homecoming

Creepy or Cool??

A few of you have asked how scary my online profile pic actually was, so here it is......C'mon...it's kind of film noir-ish, don't you think? Poll: Creepy or Cool ........and.......go........