Headed Into Overtime

Welcome to Headed Into Overtime.

This page began in January, 2015 as way to chronicle the journey that my husband Jamey, my daughter Caeley and I were taking as Jamey spent his last days on the soccer pitch, competing against the only rival that ever bested him–an Anaplastic Astrocytoma(brain tumor).

Sadly, Jamey hung up his boots on April 19. 2015.  

But Headed Into Overtime continues to keep our head in the game.

We’ve amassed teammates(called HOTties) from all over the globe–from New Zealand to Macedonia to India in addition to all of our dedicated family and friends from right here in the USA.

Over the years, the blog has evolved from its original purpose:

We’ve tried to entertain you, even when discussing such morbid topics as dying, death and grieving. We’ve shared intimate glimpses of what life was like for Cael, me and Jamey–and continues to be like for Cael and me–when dealing with these tender, grim and delicate issues.

We’ve tried , to an extent, to educate and inform on the ins and outs of the often-taboo term of hospice, end-of-life issues and grief.

I think the most important function of this blog, however, was one that I never anticipated: and that was the engagement and encouragement we’ve received from all of you: some close friends and families; others faceless strangers.

And that’s what keeps us going: you, HOTties.

Without a tragic life story, this site never would’ve started; without your support and love, this site would no longer exist. (No pressure!)

Entertain. Educate. Engage and Encourage.

                                      Jamey(Juke)Cranstoun 11-12-1967—-April 19, 2015