Death by Shaving

According to his death certificate, Jamey died April 19, 2015 at 2:45 am, at Samaritan Hospice, Mt Holly, NJ. Immediate cause of death: Death by Shaving. Ok, I kind of made that cause of death up. Technically, the recorded immediate cause of death was Astrocytoma--the specific type of brain tumor he had. But according to … Continue reading Death by Shaving

Did Abe Lincoln Burn Dried Apricots?

I remember learning about Elisabeth Kubler-Ross' book, "On Death and Dying" in high school. Like any philosophically-hungry(yet, admittedly "wet-behind-the ears") teen, I gobbled up the concepts and licked my fingers clean. For the uninitiated (or unwilling to google), here's the Reader's Digest version of her seminal piece: There's five stages to grief. They are: Denial Anger … Continue reading Did Abe Lincoln Burn Dried Apricots?

It is Easy Being Green

  I buried Jamey. Actually, a few people did. I mean, obviously I'm not suggesting that I just did it recently; he's clearly been taking his eternal dirt nap for a while now. What I mean is, I dug a shovel into a mound of earth, then sprinkled the earth on his shrouded body. And … Continue reading It is Easy Being Green

The Final Firsts

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Jamey's death.   It also marked the last of "The Firsts" for me and Cael.   "The Firsts" can be ominous milestones in the infant phases of grief. We often ask ourselves how, as a widower, we'll manage an anniversary dinner with only one place-setting. We ponder how … Continue reading The Final Firsts

Acts of Kid Kindness Series

Silent kindness from a new Senpai