Happy 5th anniversary, Jamey

Hi HOTties! April 19th, 2020 marked the 5 year anniversary of Jamey’s passing. It was the first year I didn’t recognize his passing on here. This video helps explain why..Anniversary Video If you manage to watch all the way until the end, you’ll see a rare show of emotion from me; worth the wait if … Continue reading Happy 5th anniversary, Jamey

Sending love, one felled tree at a time

Good morning(or at least I think it’s morning—now ask me the day of the week and I have no clue), HOTTies! Just checking in to say hi, wish you all health and share this find I (literally) recently unearthed. As some of you know, last year, I decided to start renting out Cranstoun Manor Cottage, … Continue reading Sending love, one felled tree at a time

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day to the man brave enough to knowingly bring a creature into this world with half of my DNA. I was tempted to title this post with the simple hashtag #dirtnapdadday but felt that could be a bit too triggering and soooooo unlike my usual gallows humor so I thought I'd tone it … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day

A welcome and welcome back!

Welcome to Headed Into Overtime for all you new HOTties!  Welcome back to all you faithful followers. About a week ago, I went on a Headed Into Overtime invite blitz on Facebook. I'm often hesitant to "invite" friends to "like" my page since it seems, like, pushy or something? But then I realized that I'd … Continue reading A welcome and welcome back!

Happy 2019, HOTties!

Behold! A cupcake made by my fellow classmate in my new education adventure. It was made for Robbie and my engagement. Oh! Did I forget to mention I was back in school? Or that we'd gotten engaged?...,well, read on. So, 2018 was a big year for us. To name a few things that occurred: In … Continue reading Happy 2019, HOTties!