Erasing Seamus

Seamus: Irish version of James. Meaning "supplanter". Supplanter: "one who takes the place of"--note: In common vernacular, it is also refers to one who uses an informal greeting to both indoor and outdoor plant life(….think about that for a minute……) I hated Seamus.   Sure, there were times when he offered ridiculous, off-handed quips;  he occasionally … Continue reading Erasing Seamus

All the rest have 31

04/19/2015--- Jamey's death date. The date starts with a 4. If you subtract 15 from 19 you get 4. If you subtract 4 from 19, you get 15---then if you take the 15 and subtract the 1 from the 5, you get 4. Jamey's(and Caeley's) chosen number in soccer was 4. He was buried wearing … Continue reading All the rest have 31

Good grief! Good grief?

Ok. I have a(chicken) bone to pick. I lost my husband Jamey 16 days ago.  If I baked a cake today in honor of his death and placed a representative number of candles on it, I could make some lame "16 candles" reference, but I digress. In those 16 days, I've managed to do a lot … Continue reading Good grief! Good grief?

Was it Ed who Fell or Norman?

My most bizarre high school halloween costume was a homemade amalgam of oddity--"Marilyn Mon-Conehead." I paired a 1970s floor-length bright red gown I'd found in my parents attic(that was the "Marilyn Monroe" portion--in my mind at least) with a Conehead I'd found at the local Conehead store, or some similar establishment. I have no idea … Continue reading Was it Ed who Fell or Norman?