The Final Firsts

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Jamey's death.   It also marked the last of "The Firsts" for me and Cael.   "The Firsts" can be ominous milestones in the infant phases of grief. We often ask ourselves how, as a widower, we'll manage an anniversary dinner with only one place-setting. We ponder how … Continue reading The Final Firsts

Setting the Record Straight-ish

Couldn't Find a Better Duet to Introduce a New Idea So it's about time I come clean about some things. The initial reason for the blog was to share the story of Jamey, Caeley and me as we navigated through the last months of Jamey's life. I wanted to incorporate some of the major players … Continue reading Setting the Record Straight-ish

Table for three minus one.

Being parents to an only child often looks like a cakewalk to parents of multiple children. We don't have to perform the "divide and conquer"parental technique of attending 7 soccer/lacrosse/hopscotch tournaments all 14 of our kids under the age of 12 are competing in over the course of a weekend. We don't find ourselves perennially … Continue reading Table for three minus one.