Shout out to Lawrence High students(and everyone else)

Jamey’s scawesome cousin Elaine recently posted about Jamey on Lawrence High School’s website.

Here’s a video(I finally managed to get one uploaded) of Jamey’s reactions to hearing some of the names and kind words shared from former LHS students.

Thanks to you all and please keep sharing the blog and “liking”  the Headed Into Overtime page on Facebook. 

As many of you have pointed out, you have no idea who might be going through(or will be)something similar.

There are millions of caregivers who are in similar situations to us: young, old and in between. Even if one person out there reads a post and can relate to or, more importantly to me– laugh about, you can rest assured knowing you’ve brightened the day, however temporarily, of someone going through an often grueling and isolating time.

The blog had over 5000 visits during the month of February. I don’t know if that’s a lot compared to other blogs out there, but it’s an astounding number to us here. The Facebook page almost has 100 likes. Let’s see if we can double that!

Thanks again for all your support. I’ve got a ton to write about. Any suggestions appreciated!

–Kim, Jamey and Caeley

8 thoughts on “Shout out to Lawrence High students(and everyone else)

  1. I just watched the video of Jamey. I am sad to know that he has been ill. However, it was awesome to see him joking and laughing. His responses to hearing the names and comments were delightful. I remember you well old friend. I remember your cousin Jeffrey too. I remember how you used to tear around the soccer field, and I remember you in grease. You look the same – a little less hair though. (That’s happening to me too .) I am typing this in my tiny phone, flying across the country from NJ to Seattle, where I now live with mi wife and two children. I hope you read or hear this and that you keep smiling through this thing you are fighting. Know that your friends are thinking if you and wishing you happiness, wherever you can find it. Best, JN


    • Hi John,

      Jamey says “hello” and apologizes for not saying you were the most popular guy in his class 🙂 It’s amazing how the mind/memory works, isn’t it?
      True, there were some names from high school that weren’t familiar to Jamey, yet others had powerful connections. I’m so thankful to Elaine for posting this on the LHS site. When Jamey has a “gut” reaction to a name, image or memory, I see a spark of life/light in his eyes that I don’t seem too much anymore; it’s like the unfogging of a mirror in a really steamy bathroom; for a brief moment, you’re able to see clearly and focus. Although temporary, it gives me “Jamey” back. For that, I’m appreciative.

      Hope your plane ride went well.



  2. What year did Jamey graduate? I went to Lawrence High and Elaine was a good friend of mine. I didn’t even realize that Pen was a teacher at Lawrence. You seem to have a great relationship with Jamey and this video was very enlightening.


    • Hi Barbara,

      Jamey graduated in 85. I only found out about Penn(or Teller?–I never remember the difference) after Elaine invited me to the LHS alumn Facebook site. I was scrolling through some of the older posts(I’ll admit, I was looking to see if anyone mentioned anything about Jon Stewart) and came across the fact that he had taught there.

      Thanks for reaching out.



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