Dresscodes and Details

Greetings, HOTties! I just wanted to pop in for a second with some thanks, updates and cathartic diversions from reality.

Many of you have asked me what you can do to make this difficult time a little less so. I have a simple request for all of you.


Actually, it’s Caeley’s request:


NO DEPRESSING CLOTHES!!!—or at least if all you own is depressing(my closet is stuffed with grey and black), maybe throw on an orange scarf or a neon green tie!

10 bucks to the person who shows up in exactly this jacket!


She really does want these services to be a happy celebration of Jamey’s life, not a somber reminder of his death.

Will she cry?

Probably. And that’s ok.

But she also wants to be able to laugh through those salty tears.

I’m taking her lead on this one and sharing her request with you.

It’s ok to ditch the funereal suits, blazers and pantyhose.

Really, we want everyone to feel comfortable. If a black suit is what makes you comfortable, then by all means, go all Men in Black.  But if you, like most people, feel more comfortable in something less restricting, let loose. Heck, come dressed in a potato sack if that’s your thing. I can’t see how anyone would feel comfortable wearing burlap, but whatevs. Ouch.




For those interested, I have the details of Jamey’s arrangements:


Wake/Viewing:                                            Funeral:

Tuesday, April 21st, 6pm-9pm                      Wednesday, April 22nd, 10AM

Fertig Funeral Home                                      Catholic Community of the Holy Spirit

63 North Main Street                                      17 Earlington Ave

Mullica Hill, NJ 08062                                   Mullica Hill, NJ 08062

http://www.fertigfuneralhome.com             http://holyspiritweb.org



Wednesday, April 22nd at 1pm

Steelmantown Cemetery

101 Steelmantown Rd

Steelmantown, NJ



Jamey’s burial is going to be a “green” burial.

Much like his character and personality, his burial will be simple, understated and humble.

He will not be embalmed nor will he be buried in a casket, only a shroud.

There will be no vault, just a hole in the ground hand-dug by the cemetery’s lone gravedigger.

Those who are physically and emotionally willing and able will help lower Jamey into the earth on a wooden plank.

Those who are physically and emotionally ready can help pitch in and place the ground back upon Jamey’s earthly body.

Although it is a burial ceremony that Jamey, Caeley and I all embrace, it may not be for everyone.  I just want everyone to know what to expect ahead of time.

It is also located about 45 mins from the church. Since the funeral parlor staff will have to ready Jamey from his temporary casket at the church to his final resting shroud, there will be a bit of a time delay after leaving the church.

It will not follow the “traditional” procession line of cars. Jamey will not be traveling to the cemetery in a hearse. I will not be in a limo.  Everyone who wishes may drive independently to Steelmantown.

I will have an official obituary on the Fertig website as soon as I get a chance to breathe. I’m not publishing in any newspapers, though.






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