Lazarus aka Jamey has risen! At least in Caeley’s Corner…

I seriously hope God has a sick sense of humor!

I’m ready today.

I might not be ready tomorrow, but today is a good day so I’m ready.

I’ve got some free time(well, actually, I should be grading final exams but, like my students, I’m procranstounating) and I’m feeling confident in my editing skills, so I’m going to load some of the Caeley’s Corner videos.

Yes, I know I misspelled procrastinating. Look at the spelling again.

In a way, it’s almost fitting that I post the videos now.

It’ll offer you a glimpse into how lucky/blessed/fortunate/ we all were in Jamey’s final months that he was healthy, happy and pain-free.

This series of videos was shot roughly two months before he passed away.

Here are two out of a series of videos. Oh!–And if someone can confirm whether or not radio versions of the tv show St. Elsewhere actually exist(ed), I’d be much obliged.

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