Out of the Instagrams of babes


I’ve been struggling all evening with what, if anything, I should write about today.

Apparently, the kid did all the work for me.

Couldn’t have said it any better.

2 thoughts on “Out of the Instagrams of babes

  1. ” Good Job!” Would be a cheerfully obnoxious understatement so I won’t say it……
    She nailed it and shot a grand photo.
    Hang onto it if you can.


  2. I just re-read Caeley’s instagram post today and am tearing up more now than I did then. She drives me insane most of the time we’re together but she really is such a great kid. She’s seen, experienced and known more about life in her 12 years on this earth than many adults ever will. That is not right. It’s not fair, but I hope and pray it makes her a empathic adult dedicated to serving others in need.


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