Happy 2019, HOTties!


A cupcake made by my fellow classmate in my new education adventure.

It was made for our engagement.

Oh! Did I forget to mention I was back in school?

Or that we’d gotten engaged?…,well, read on.

So, 2018 was a big year for us.

To name a few things that occurred:

In 2018, I…..

1. said goodbye to my Jeep Wrangler and hello to my “grown up” truck.

Yeah–tough decision for me.

I loved my Wrangler—-

except when I drove it on highways.

and in wind.

and rain.

and bridges.

(and generally any time I was driving above 35mph when the temps weren’t about 75, it was sunny and no wind).

I LOVED it then!!

Other that that, not so much.

So now I have a truck that does all fancy things like has power locks and gears that shift themselves.

I’m a sellout. I know.

So long, Sarge.

2. started up in school again in a certification program for Alzheimer’s Navigators. The program is the first in the country.

Still working out the kinks of a brand new program, but so far it’s interesting.

It’s a small cohort of 10 dedicated, creative and caring women who want to really fuel a change in the way society thinks about people with dementia and other neurological issues.

I’m really excited(ok, nervous and excited for where this may lead).

3. got engaged.

Yes. I know.

You’d have thought there would’ve been a post about this earlier and I’ll go into more detail later.

But, yup– I got engaged.

Wedding date set for 02-29-2028(I’m only half-joking there).

#thisisusuk #isntitdandy

4. got a new house.

Yes. We’re moving.

At some point.


Again, long story I’ll get into later but Cael is excited, so I think it’s the right thing to do.

Gonna miss the little white farmhouse—think I’m the only one who will!!

Sooooo…with all that’s happened in 2018, I’m not quite sure what’s left for 2019?!

Cael and I had a few rough patches the past–well, decade or so.

We’ve both been incredibly fortunate(blessed? lucky?) to have had that all take a more positive turn.

I hope you all experience peace, happiness and contentment in the year to come.

Happy New Year!!

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