Hospice: Dying to Get In

Yes---that's me in the above picture. Don't fret. I'm not quite dead yet. Any beliefs you may have had about me being a woman of class or decorum are likely dead, however, after seeing me mimic a corpse in a hospice bed. What can I say? Gallows humor has its appeal. Anyway..   The original … Continue reading Hospice: Dying to Get In

Look What You Did Jamey–Week of 2/22-3/1

Greetings, HOTties! Welcome to your weekly installment of  Jamey's health updates. I'm pleased to share that I don't have much to share in terms of changes in Jamey's health. When you're talking brain tumors and hospice, no news is good news, folks. Marianne(nurse) did her weekly rounds and Jamey's vitals are envious. His blood pressure … Continue reading Look What You Did Jamey–Week of 2/22-3/1

Jamey can’t drive 55–actually he can’t drive at all.

, I understood that although no legal entity had told Jamey he couldn't drive, he really shouldn't drive anymore. I believe that personal freedom is a fundamental human right. So you can imagine how hard it was for me to rob Jamey of that human right--his right to choose--his right for freedom--his right to drive. The day I voluntarily surrendered his license to the DMV, we changed from duo to solo And we all know how badly Genesis sucked with Phil Collins at the helm I went from being partner and spouse to keeper and parent Then I bolted out the door, in just tights and turtleneck