HOTties and “Look What You Did, Jamey” Updates

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A few things have occurred to me about the realities of this blog. For starters, it takes work! I guess if I were more concerned with the quantity versus the quality of posts, it wouldn’t be much of an issue and I could enter a post or two daily, but that’s just not my style. I find myself doing the one thing I hated to do in all my college writing courses–editing my work. I’ve re-worked almost all of my posts several times before publishing and I’m still not happy with all of them. But that kind of leads me to a second reality–it’s not just about me. Sure, I’m confident that a broad swath of topics related to hospice, traumatic brain injury, being a caregiver, etc. will reach a wide audience; however, many of you follow because you know and care about Jamey. So I’m going to try to start a specific entry every Sunday called “Look What You Did, Jamey.” It will briefly go into any health issues, updates, etc. that I didn’t already tie into a blog post during the week. I’ve also been filming short videos of him, but have been running into issues uploading them. Hopefully I’ll resolve that soon and you guys can hear things from the horse’s mouth.

Oh, and from time to time, I will refer to you, the friends, family and faithful followers of the Headed into OverTime as HOTties because sometimes I’m just that goofy.

Ok—-here’s the inaugural : “Look What You Did, Jamey”

“Look What You Did, Jamey” for the week ending February 15th:

There were a few days of oddness with gait(where he feels like he has a magnet in the back of his head pulling him towards an even bigger magnet on the the floor), but it quickly passed. His appetite is still decent he’s still going up and down the stairs with no problem and he’s still completely obsessed with The Price is Right.  He is having a very hard time staying on task. He loses focus less than a minute into a task. He’s also having a harder time processing simple tasks. Today I asked him to fill the dog’s water bowl and he stood over it, staring, for about a minute. I thought he’d forgotten or didn’t hear me when I asked again. He told me he knew what I was asking, he just didn’t know how to do it. I had to break down the task step by step for him. This doesn’t happen on every task(ex. he can still turn on the tv to watch The Price is Right), moreso tasks that he doesn’t regularly perform. He’s wandering around the house a bit more now, too. Overall, though, so far so good.

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