Headed into overtime will continue…

Caeley and I just wanted to take a few minutes to peel ourselves off the bereavement

bench to thank you all for your thoughts, words, prayers, cards, gift baskets, flowers,

cookies, brownies, chunks of cheese, nuts, nuts and more nuts(is there a hidden

message here?), chocolate-covered strawberries, pasta, chicken, pizza, tomato pie,

cheesesteaks,  mass offerings,

donations, hugs, kisses and (everything else I’m forgetting) after Jamey’s passing.


I also want to assure those of you who made comments about the blog that I will be


continuing to work on it.   As hard as it may be for me to post, there was actually a

lot of  good that happened the last few weeks of Jamey’s life that I never had a chance


to share with you.  I’d like to do so. I just need some time.


We’re no longer headed into overtime; we’ve started a new season.  Stay tuned!

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