Acts of Kid Kindness Series

I’ve often extended an arm of gratitude to the buoying body of supporters Jamey, Caeley and I have had through the years.

The “Acts of Kid Kindness” series  is dedicated to sharing with you HOTies stories about the youngest slice of that body—the friends of Caeley who took an extra step to honor Jamey’s name and memory in some pretty remarkably thoughtful and touching ways.

Let’s face it: kids, especially those kids on the verge of the turbulence that is adolescence, are often depicted as being detached, self-absorbed and greedy little creatures   bereft of social skills, manners or social graces.

And, let’s face it—some of them can be.  Adults can, too.

I feel a strong desire to share with you all some anecdotal evidence that suggest otherwise.

Act I:  Dyn-o-mite

  1. “Team Dynamite”

    Not one, not two but the entire U11 soccer squad who could be there showed up as a team to support Caeley at Jamey’s wake.

    Not every parent feels comfortable exposing their children to death or death rituals.

    I get that.

    And I know there were teammates who showed up to support Caeley at Jamey’s wake who’d never even been to a wake before.

    Not only did these girls show up—-they hung out with Caeley—a mere few feet away from Jamey’s body.

    And they hugged Caeley.

    And they laughed with Caeley.

    And some cried with her, too(although when she reads this, I’m sure she’ll want me to point out that she “didn’t cry at all at the wake or funeral”).

What these 10 and 11 year old         were able to do is something that is painstakingly awkward for the average adult in that situation.

Her teammates, and to be fair ALL the kids who showed up for the wake and funeral(and yes, there were some very good friends who did both) were able to “just be” with Caeley.

They didn’t fumble over struggling to say the appropriate thing or struggle over not fumbling something inappropriate.

They met Cael where she was.

They treated her like they always did.

They treated her normally.

Most adults have a great difficulty doing that.

We avoid wakes and funerals because we “don’t like things like that” or “we never know what to say.”

If this is the case for you, maybe you can take a cue from Harrison Township U11 girls soccer team: “just be”.

Next in the “Acts of Kid Kindness” Series: Garage Sale Selflessness

2 thoughts on “Acts of Kid Kindness Series

  1. The little monsters can be pretty amazing at times. They can be saints and apostles without realizing it.
    There’s a lot to be said for your family’s involvement in soccer and in the moments of grace that happen in your lives from being a part of that community. I always liked your posts with soccer club stories. Keep them coming!


    • Hi Judy.

      “Saints and Apostles without knowing”….love that thought!

      I’ll try to keep up with my soccer posts. Sadly, looks like the kid may be hanging up her boots at the end of this season(for now, at least–I’m not quite sure you can technically go into retirement at the ripe old age of 12). Think the link between Jamey and soccer was just too strong an association for her to handle. That…and she’s just not having fun playing anymore. I’m thinking maybe she can be team scorekeeper or something since it’s really the social aspect she loves so much.

      I’ll keep up my stories if you keep letting me know you’re out there benefitting from them, deal?



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