Headed Into Overtime…Again



Mom, Dad and Cael–in much different times

So I just received notification from WordPress–the domain site that hosts the blog–that they and I are celebrating our two-year anniversary together.

Two years–that’s 731 days(add an extra day since last year was a Leap Year).

My original goal for the blog was to try to post every few days–which turned into every few weeks–which has since turned into every few months.

The past two years have been saddled with ups and downs then some more ups then a smidgen of downs then a ton of ups then, like…. a sprinkle of downs and….well..you get the point.

It’s fitting, albeit ironic, that one of my goals for the site was..and continues to be.. to sing the praises of hospice.

My hopes were to share with you all the detailed ins and out with Jamey….then he had to go and die on me. How rude!

So it’s ironic, in a sense, that two years after starting my aborted journey with my husband, I’ve been presented with a new hospice journey–this time with my mom, Elke.

For you regular HOTties, it should come as no real surprise that she has been placed in a hospice facility.

She has been deteriorating rather quickly since her diagnosis of Early-Onset Alzheimer’s a few years back.

Oddly, though, even though I’d begun to fashion myself rather knowledgable in all things death, dying and the like–even I had a lot to learn when it came time to look at different facilities that would be appropriate for her.

Turns out, not all hospice journeys resemble the one I presented in Jamey’s story.

So I’m back, in a sense, to share my new-ish journey traveling down an at least partly shoveled pathway.

I will still update on me, and Cael..and yes…others who have had either the fortune(or misfortune)to stumble into our lives these past two years.  Don’t worry–I’ve got a lot to fill you in on there.

But I’m also going to welcome you to take a spin on my view of a journey with a terminally ill parent instead of a terminally ill partner.

I hope you’ll come along.




2 thoughts on “Headed Into Overtime…Again

  1. Hi, Kim! I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. Thank you as always for being so willing to share your journey and bringing us along. Prayers for you all!

    – Ann


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