The First Second

Due to current lack of both writing savvy and direction, I’m going to let this video do the talking.



It’s a brief view of how Cael and I spent April 19, 2017–the two year anniversary of Jamey’s death.

I’m not a fan of promising people things, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be seeing something more in-depth on the blog soon.  For now, this is the best I’ve got.

Enjoy……(is that really an appropriate suggestion given the context?????)


8 thoughts on “The First Second

  1. The pouting pic….yep…that says it all.
    May he Rest in peace.

    I love that you can do things like that with his headstone and such a lovely grave yard and a beautiful time of year to go for a visit. If he would have lived longer, well, you would have had more time with him but it might not be so pleasant to do the annual visit in the middle of winter!

    St. Padre Pio,
    pray for us.



    • Sometimes when we make the drive down(it’s about an hour plus away) I think, “Why the heck didn’t I bury him at the church 3 minutes away!?!” Then when I get down there, I’m reminded why we did what we did.
      When we do go, we’re turning our day into a routine of sorts that involves a visit, painting(those washable paints are perfect!!) trip to the boardwalk/beach then dinner, usually Padre Pio, then home.
      We make a day out of it.
      And yes, because the majority of that is “outdoors” related, we only really visit him in the nicer months–we’ve been down maybe 5 or 6 times in 2 years. But that’s ok.
      How are you, by the way?
      Think of you often.


  2. Beautiful video. The Baby Jesus does in fact look perturbed.

    When I clicked on your blog link from your comment on Tom’s blog it looked like it went to a different domain name “formerhospicerejects”. Unless that was an SEO move.



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