Erasing Seamus

Seamus: Irish version of James. Meaning "supplanter". Supplanter: "one who takes the place of"--note: In common vernacular, it is also refers to one who uses an informal greeting to both indoor and outdoor plant life(….think about that for a minute……) I hated Seamus.   Sure, there were times when he offered ridiculous, off-handed quips;  he occasionally … Continue reading Erasing Seamus

Jamey can’t drive 55–actually he can’t drive at all.

, I understood that although no legal entity had told Jamey he couldn't drive, he really shouldn't drive anymore. I believe that personal freedom is a fundamental human right. So you can imagine how hard it was for me to rob Jamey of that human right--his right to choose--his right for freedom--his right to drive. The day I voluntarily surrendered his license to the DMV, we changed from duo to solo And we all know how badly Genesis sucked with Phil Collins at the helm I went from being partner and spouse to keeper and parent Then I bolted out the door, in just tights and turtleneck

Isn’t memory loss a pain? I don’t know; can’t remember.

You know that feeling you had as a kid as you stared at the assortment of wrapped, ribboned and bowed boxes under the tree come Christmas;  as you surveyed the stacked birthday packages on a checkered tablecloth picnic table: the tiny lightning bolts of excitement haphazardly crashing into one another in your belly and flitting … Continue reading Isn’t memory loss a pain? I don’t know; can’t remember.