I say hello…..


Hello, HOTTIES. It’s been a while, I know. I have some legitimate excuses for that(see also:

“fauxnado”that hit Southern NJ and left us without power for a while)

and some less than legit excuses(see also:

Newton’s first law of motion–thanks, Dr. Appel).


I have so much to do, so much time to do it, yet I’m getting nothing accomplished.  I really wish there

were a metaphor less cliche yet equally appropriate as the “grief is a roller coaster” one, but I have

yet to come across it.


Suffice it to say, Caeley and I have been experiencing our share of ups and downs the past few months.



I will be back, the blog will be back(perhaps in a slightly different form or with a different focus), but

I’d like some input from you all.


A. Would you like to hear more silly, bittersweet stories about Jamey when he was alive?

B.Would you like to hear more about the resources available for people on hospice?

C. Would you like me to talk about dealing with my mom’s early onset alzheimers?

D…All of the above?

Please leave a comment if you have a preference or if you’d simply like me to keep rambling’ on.


–Kim, Caeley and the tree that is no moreIMG_9939


7 thoughts on “I say hello…..

  1. All of the above for sure!

    And I really side eye the weather service and their “straight line wind” theory.


  2. All the above! Please keep writing when you can, you are doing folks a great service.
    Us brain cancer caregivers lead a schizophrenic existence and need resources like yours.
    Our parents don’t stop aging and falling apart just because we get handed a raw deal in other areas. And thanks for this format, I’m one of the rustics who don’t(gasp! Imitate ” the Scream”) have Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc . Just my trusty gmail. alerts for your posts show up there.
    But I can give you a kick ass white wash recipe, Tell you how to make beautiful rosaries with repurposed whatever and if you ever need advice on removing a dead gopher from an irrigation pipe, I can help you with that.

    Gods Blessings the Mercy of Christ and the prayers of Our Lady to you and yours!


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