Hospice: Dying to Get In

Yes---that's me in the above picture. Don't fret. I'm not quite dead yet. Any beliefs you may have had about me being a woman of class or decorum are likely dead, however, after seeing me mimic a corpse in a hospice bed. What can I say? Gallows humor has its appeal. Anyway..   The original … Continue reading Hospice: Dying to Get In

I say hello…..

  Hello, HOTTIES. It's been a while, I know. I have some legitimate excuses for that(see also: "fauxnado"that hit Southern NJ and left us without power for a while) and some less than legit excuses(see also: Newton's first law of motion--thanks, Dr. Appel).   I have so much to do, so much time to do … Continue reading I say hello…..

Erasing Seamus

Seamus: Irish version of James. Meaning "supplanter". Supplanter: "one who takes the place of"--note: In common vernacular, it is also refers to one who uses an informal greeting to both indoor and outdoor plant life(….think about that for a minute……) I hated Seamus.   Sure, there were times when he offered ridiculous, off-handed quips;  he occasionally … Continue reading Erasing Seamus

Headed into a different type of overtime

Honestly, I don't know why I started this blog.   Jamey, Caeley and I have experienced so many funny, frightening, fantastic and infuriating things over the years.   Much of what we've lived has been tucked away in our own little Cranstoun Collective Unconscious, never to be shared with anyone outside of our "circle". When … Continue reading Headed into a different type of overtime

Look What You Did Jamey–Week of 3/1-3/8

So anyway, he's taking Ativan more. our official first month with over 6000 page views Thanks Caeley's Corner