It’s Miraculous-ish!



Not sure how he pulled this one off, but J.A.M.E.Y is craftier than the Man from U.N.C.L.E. With no internet access, no access to transportation, no credit cards, no debit cards and no cash, Jamey managed to somehow order me a dozen roses and chocolates and have them delivered. Apparently, he’d come across the blog entry Happy Glove Day and felt bad about not sending me anything for Valentine’s Day. It may be a week late, but he managed to somehow pull it off(again, did I mention with absolutely no access to any way of actually ordering anything from anywhere??) So I wanted to publicly thank J.A.M.E.Y wherever and whoever you are, of course assuming you are my husband who is upstairs in bed sleeping.

Roses in the snow

Roses in the snow

Snowroses and choclice

Snowroses and choclice

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