Thank You for Being a Friend

It’s belated, but I wanted to thank Jamey’s former team captain and friend for arranging a day out with the boys on Superbowl Sunday. As many of you can imagine, staring at nothing but my ugly mug all day can get a little tedious, so a change in the routine was definitely needed. So when Jamey’s friend Mouse asked if Jamey was up for going out to lunch, we both jumped at the chance. At first I think Mouse wanted to take him out with a few other former teammates. I thought that maybe there’d be three or four guys, tops. All in all, there were over 20 guys there to hang out with Jamey! Rumor has it, he may have actually drunk a beer as well!  Thanks to all the guys who made it out to the Landmark to visit with Jamey. I really appreciate it; it meant a lot to both of us. And special thanks to Mouse for always checking in on things with us. Your support has been welcomed and comforting.

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