Shine on!

Show and Tell

I was visiting my neighbor Kelly and her grandaughter's grandmother last night talking about murder trials, wiping boogers on walls and the questionable diagnosis of disassociative identity disorder(you know--the  usual coffee talk topics) when we stumbled upon the topic of funerals. Judy, my neighbor's grandaughter's grandmother, was recounting how she'd recently been to what she … Continue reading Show and Tell

Setting the Record Straight-ish

Couldn't Find a Better Duet to Introduce a New Idea So it's about time I come clean about some things. The initial reason for the blog was to share the story of Jamey, Caeley and me as we navigated through the last months of Jamey's life. I wanted to incorporate some of the major players … Continue reading Setting the Record Straight-ish

The Holidaze

Seasons grievings and the roller coaster of emotions

Out of the Instagrams of babes

I've been struggling all evening with what, if anything, I should write about today. Apparently, the kid did all the work for me. Couldn't have said it any better.