Creepy or Cool??

A few of you have asked how scary my online profile pic actually was, so here it is……C’mon…it’s kind of film noir-ish, don’t you think?


Creepy or Cool


14 thoughts on “Creepy or Cool??

  1. Hahaaaaha! that is soooo scary! Complete with disturbing 8mm-ish grainy effect. Good girl! Way to weed out the….um…not sure what got weeded out by this pic but you can bet they weren’t one bit interesting.

    To his ‘soccer ( sorry…football or whatever) vs. rugby’ foot in mouth moment you could have said in regards to this photo; ‘ oh, I was just trying to scare off any rugby players.’
    I love it. So proud of you, Kim, jumping back into life like this.

    Oh yeah, Officially creepy.

    Have a nice fish stick Friday!
    – Judy


  2. I don’t think it’s creepy at all, I think you look gorgeous!! Sorry, Robbie help me out here!! Love you cuz! I’m so glad you’re happy!! I’m not a fan of Brits, but he seems like he’s a good chap so we will let him slide! (jk) My love to all three of you! 😘


  3. Yeah, what are the odds…a former student. oops, said he…
    .. It’s actually not so bad My apologies for the initial eek response!

    – Judy


    • I don’t know, Judy…you went with your gut response. That was what I was going for in the “weeding out” process. 🤣 And I’m sure Robbie will be weighing in soon to support your opinion—he’s overseas so I’m thinking still asleep.
      And about the student, he actually asked me out after our last class(and this was about 3 years before I ran into him on Match). At the time, I reminded him that: 1. I was married and 2. Even if I weren’t, I felt it was unethical to date a student(especially when I still had to tabulate their final grades!!!) So I’m pretty sure he didn’t know it was me on Match—or maybe he was just really determined! And, for the record, he was a “non-traditional” college student. He mentioned in class once that he was 55(just in case you thought I was suggesting I got asked out by a 18 year old Freshman!!!😆)


  4. Couple things here Gorgeous Bids (my shorthand for Biddulph).
    1. You totally doctored this for the ‘vote’, the original was even more grain as if you were emerging from an evil mist.
    2. I never said you didn’t look cute in it. You do. But look at it carefully, It’s got a, “this is the last thing you will see just before I smother you with a pillow” look about it. 😉 xx


    • Ok….1. This is the only pic I found saved in my hard drive. Perhaps Match had its own photo editing program that I used and chose the “grainy evil mist” filter. I can’t remember. I’ll let you know next time I make an account. 😉
      And 2. Now that you’ve known me two years I hope you know I’d never smother you with a pillow. I’m training to be a 2nd degree blackbelt. I’d clearly cut out the middle-man and do it with my bare hands.


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